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Digging into the Science of Reading K-5 Literacy Curriculum is a Course

K-5 Literacy Curriculum

Ended May 3, 2021
10.0 credits

Full course description

Stafford County Public Schools believes strongly that well-equipped, well-supported, and well-informed teachers are our best assurance in providing students with the critical reading and writing skills needed to be productive, literate citizens. While programs are very helpful tools and can provide a solid foundation to work from, teachers must understand the science of reading to most effectively design instruction that meets the needs of all students.


This course will provide the WHY of the science of reading as well as the HOW and the WHAT using the tools that HMH Into Reading provides. Our hope is that teachers walk away from this course feeling better equipped and informed to make instructional decisions that align with that science and meet the needs of all learners.