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GES Mastering Teaching Online is a Course

GES Mastering Teaching Online

Ended Mar 15, 2021
10.0 credits

Full course description

This course is designed as an introduction to four structural models of teaching to consider as you design online, hybrid, or concurrent instruction. This is the first part of a two-part professional development opportunity to help support your concurrent and virtual instruction.

Part 1: Mastering Teaching Online Canvas Course as a self-paced opportunity to reflect on successes and challenges, learn about four engaging structural models for your instructional delivery, look at resources and tools to implement for student engagement, and learn tips and tricks for managing students online. 

Part 2: Mastering Teaching Online Canvas Course used as a resource during collaboration opportunities with colleagues (PLC, Departments, Grade Levels). Throughout this course there are discussion prompts for your collaboration team to dive deeper into the topics. You will see these discussion questions in this format: Group Discussion Topic (PLC). The topic discussions within PLCs will start in January. 

We hope you will continue to embrace and grow in these areas of teaching. Your building ITRT and Coaching Teams are here to support you in collaborating to find the best instructional tools for your students, and also to coach you through the use of these tools in your classrooms. 

The new Owl 360 webcam, big screen TV, and Elitebook will also be reviewed in this course.  You will explore how to use and integrate these technologies into your instruction. This course is a resource and a guide as your PLC collaborates to incorporate these structures within your content.